Living Aloft

I feel best connected to the world when I can bring treasures back from the edge – literally or figuratively – treasures that open new possibilities and desired futures. I am therefore agog at New Horizons and how it has literally gone to the edge of the (planetary) solar system to complete the Grand Tour the Voyager probes started so long ago.

I have been fortunate to be at the edge; first in space – supporting Spacelab and life sciences research; and then in business – helping companies create new and unexpected futures.

I have also been working at the edges of my own physiology and psychology through ultrarunning. Completing a few 50 milers opened the door to completing a few 100 milers, which opened the door to completing a couple of self-supported 100+ miler in the winter, which opens the door to further distance and remoteness: the Yukon Arctic Ultra 300…

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