The Border Collie Inquisitor

These are some word-love-related excerpts from my manuscript BORDERLAND: A DOG, A LOVE, A DOUBLE-HELIX (or I might call the book AWESOME DOG, not sure). Anyway, the passages come late the book, from chapter eight, “Magic Tricks for Puppies,” and I chose them because this month’s theme on The Gloria Sirens is “Word Love.”

In case you’re wondering, my favorite word is fiat. Not the car. You’ll see why near the end of this post.

What you need to know:

Mick, before I knew he was mine. Mick, before I knew he was mine. Note there is no Ash-Wednesday cross on his brow.

I had spent two years searching for my “soul dog,” the dog most perfect for me, and I found Mick, a Border Collie puppy. I was also writing a book about Border Collies, and Mick was the happy ending. Shortly after I brought him home, he began to wither away–and so did my writing…

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