The Border Collie Inquisitor

The Fox and the Border Collie

The Fox and the Border Collie

As time went on, Tillie’s social skills slowly evolved. She was more tolerant of people near to her; however if a stranger reached out to touch her, she’d back away and duck behind my legs. Even though she went with me to the training center daily, I thought that perhaps a foster home that offered extra one-on-one time might encourage more social advancement. She knew my parents, their home, and Dusty their goofy, good-natured golden retriever. I gave them a call, and they agreed warmly.


We arrived at my parents’ home in the afternoon. I’d set a few hours set aside to help Tillie acclimate and explain to my parents what type of training she needed.

“It’ll take patience,” I said. “If we can get her to the point that she’ll allow people to approach and not duck…

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