The Border Collie Inquisitor

“Shame on you!”

I loaded Scout into my truck for the ride home. She willingly jumped into the crate and made herself comfortable. (It’s always helpful when a dog is crate trained, I thought). As we made our way onto the highway she started barking. Vehicles following behind us made her uneasy. I requested Scout to “quiet,” and she immediately obeyed. Another plus, I thought, she’s learned what quiet means, and she’s not so frantic that she’s unable to exercise self-control. That lasted all of about ten minutes. She had to be reminded several times on the way home to be quiet.

At home, I opened up the back of my truck. Mirk and Echo jumped out and as usual made their way around the property to ward off any opportunists that had wandered into my garden to dine on the bushes and flowers. In the interim I opened the…

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