The Border Collie Inquisitor

Mad About Bcs

By Linda Husson

My name is Linda Husson and I live in northeast Pennsylvania. My
passion is my dogsā€¦training them, competing with them, playing with
them, loving them, and enjoying their companionship.
I started this obsession in 1985 with my first dog, a Sheltie from a
pet store, and I quickly found it necessary to learn about dog training &
behavior, as I had no idea how to handle my new little problem child! My
neurotic puppy mill dog managed to earn the obedience title of Utility
Dog in AKC as well as in Canada, and she taught me so much.
Thank you, Kelly.
My next Sheltie came from a reputable breeder (Lesson #1), and he
was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. Teddie showed me a whole new level of
obedience competition, earning an AKC Obedience Trial Championship,
placing in many tournaments, and ranking amongst the Top 10 Obedience

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